Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Stiff is a Stiff is a Stiff

I was delivering drinks when a couple guys sat down at some nearby slot machines. I could see them out of the corner of my eye looking at me and I heard them saying something about wanting a drink. When I was done with my customers I said to the guys, "Let me drop off these drinks and I'll be right back to take your order." Usually when I say this people are very nice and say something like, "Thanks." Because they appreciate that I acknowledged them and that I'll be right back, right? It's love all around. But what happened this time? One of the guys said, "Hurry up." That's right; Hurry up. I had already turned away by then, but I stopped, stepped back to look at the guy, and said, "Yeah, right." What a fucking prick. Sometimes it just doesn't pay to be nice. So what did I do? I dropped off my drinks, went to my next section, took orders, dropped off their drinks, then came back around to this section to take orders again. If the guy wouldn't have been such a smartass, I would have taken their order before going to my next section and went to the bar just to get their drinks first. Oh well. Like I always say, you can't reward bad behavior because people are like dogs and they'll learn that bad behavior is the key to getting their way. Anyway, so when I came around to the same two guys I said, "What can I get for you guys?" The prick who told me to hurry up wouldn't even look at me. His friend ordered for them both and I could tell he was embarrassed by Hurry Up's comment. When I brought their drinks the prick took his beer and just stared at me, and of course stiffed me. His friend smiled apologetically, said thank you, and gave me two dollars.

Then I had these four obnoxious fat women who wanted shots along with their Margaritas and Pina Coladas. They were the kind who ordered as soon as I dropped off. Apparently I wasn't filling their IV's fast enough because they complained to my beverage manager that they had spent $300 and they had to wait for drinks. Three hundred bucks among the four of them and they thought they were high rollers. That would be like if I showed up at the emergency room demanding a doctor because I got a paper cut. No one gives a shit. My manager was smart enough to see through it all and after bringing them a few extra drinks he told them I had other customers too and that was that.

These two old ladies ordered a rum and Coke and a white wine. When I brought the drinks, rum and Coke stiffed me. As I was giving white wine her drink she looked in her purse for money to tip me. Rum and Coke said, "Ruth, don't tip her. Unless she keeps coming around." I looked over at her as if to say, are you for real? I looked back at the Ruth, who gave me an apologetic smile (boy, there sure were a lot of embarrassed friends today) and handed me a dollar. I came around a few more times and rum and Coke said, "Wow, you come around a lot!" as she stiffed me again. Five rum and Cokes I brought her, and she stiffed me every single time. Ruth only ordered one more white wine and gave me another dollar. So why did I keep bringing her drinks? To prove that a stiff is a stiff even when they try to use bad service as an excuse.


FleaStiff said...

Bad service as an excuse.
Losing as an excuse.
... There is always SOME excuse available and I imagine you will get a real good laugh when someone finally tells you simply 'I'm stiffing you because I'm a mean and evil cheapskate.'

I've had bad service and sometimes its not the poor girl's fault that she is serving watered-down drinks. She still has to make a living and my beef is with the owner!

Mark & Tamera said...

I appreciate good service, and always tip well. I usally come to Vegas armed with $2.oo bills and usually tip first two drinks with $2.oo bills and then every other drink, and I always feel taken care of........keep up the good work!! If you see a $2.00 bill (maybe it's me!!)See ya in September.....

MJ said...

I too appreciate good service, I never get tips but have worked in customer service and know how hard and rude people can be sometimes, i also tip well when i am out even though i dont get tips myself. But from reading your website and your blog it seems you can be a tough one at times. I mean with every job that involes any type of service your always going to get the jerks and thats that.

The thing is the people that will end up reading most of your blog are good tippers and bad tippers wont because they could care less, so the rant is useless.

Ill be in vegas in a few weeks, your hotel too. maybe ill see you, order a drink and small talk and compare both of our jobs