Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Barack Me

Dawn seems to be everyone's favorite cocktail waitress on my web site even though it's MY web site. But just to show that I'm not jealous I'll throw you guys a little more sugar.

Ready? OK!

Bet Katy Perry never kissed this girl.

In case you guys don't get the whole Katy Perry I-Kissed-a-Girl thing I keep referring to, she took a picture in front of this backdrop and performed in Rok Vegas on opening weekend. Anyway, so yes, we felt and looked completely retarded taking these pictures.

You know how it is when you want someone to take a picture with your camera so you have to explain to them how to use it? And you say, "You just push this button," and they say, "This one here?" and you're like, "Yeah, this one," and they go, "This one?" and you're like, "No, this one," and they're like, "Oh, you mean, this one?" and you're like, "Yes!" and they go, "OK." And you get in position, and you say, "Ready?" and they say, "Yeah," and you pose. And then as you stand there, puckering up, frozen like idiots, the person taking the picture clicks, then says, "Oh, wait, I did something wrong." That happened a few times. Plus I kept laughing, and Dawn actually said to me, "All right, settle down, goofy." And Kara, the one taking the pictures and who is also a cocktail waitress, made me let her take a round in my pit for wasting her time when she was the one who kept screwing up taking pictures. I mean, it's a freaking iPhone. My 3-year-old knows how to use it.

My friend, Brendan, was here from Ireland so we decided to visit Rok Vegas since I hadn't been there yet. I got on the VIP list (woo-hoo!) and we were there for all of three minutes before we decided to head upstairs to Pour 24 where there are like 3000 beers on tap. I don't drink beer, but for beer connoisseurs I'm told it's really a great bar, and you get free samples too. Anyway, after Brendan had a couple ten Sin Cities we had an interesting conversation on whether the phrase "Barack me!" would be fightin' words or invitin' words, depending on whether they were said to a Democrat or Republican and if one or both parties were naked (duh!), and if nipple rings are involved (again, duh!).

Just some of NYNY's finest eye candies at around 2 am. The one in the middle is pregnant. I had to sneak this picture because I was afraid she'd come over and sic her fetus on me. She had just loaded up on cherries and olives from the bar's fruit tray and they were headed over to MGM since their only potential clientele here were a smelly homeless guy who kept asking, "Who's your baby's daddy?" and a drunk Irishman yelling, "Barack me!"

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