Sunday, September 6, 2009

Step Off, Bitch!

Last night started out to be a pretty good night. My shift started at 8pm and I was working the pit right by Rok Bar. Naughty by Nature was playing in the club and there was a long line to get in. My customers were really nice, tipping well, and everyone was having a good time. A pretty good Saturday night for a Labor Day weekend.

Then around 10:30 my station went to hell. For some reason all the good people left and I had the ghetto crowd. I was taking orders at one of my tables and there was a group of five people standing right behind their friend, who was playing. As I was making my way around I said, "Excuse me, guys." One of the guys stood closer to his friend while the others made room by backing up. As I was walking through I said, "Thanks." One of the girls said, "Why does she have to walk right in between us?" Another girl said, "I know."

I couldn't believe it. They were in my fucking way, and I said thanks, and they're talking shit? I turned to the first girl and said, "Because I'm working here. I have to get to my customers to take their orders. Why don't you stand somewhere else?" She totally ignored me, didn't even look at me. Oh really, bitch? So you purposefully made the comment loud enough for me to hear, but you don't have the balls to admit that you're a fat fucking cow and should get out of my way? The Meet 'n' Greet area isn't in Pit 5, table 4, in the 4'x4' floor space right behind seats 2,3, and 4.

So I continued taking orders at the table and they re-congregated right behind their friend and continued talking. When I was done I went inside the pit and told the pit boss what happened. They knew I was talking about them because they looked over as I was pointing them out, and we were standing right behind the dealer. The pit boss said, "Oh, really? I'll make sure they get out of your way." When I came back with the drinks, there they were again. I said, "Excuse me." The pit boss, who was standing there waiting for me, said, "Hey, make room for the cocktail waitress. Move back." They all silently complied. So you have the balls to make a snide remark to the lowly help when you think you can get away with it, but when someone in a suit talks to you, you just do it? Fucking pussies.

After delivering my drinks at this table, I moved on to the next. I handed a customer his drink, and as I looked back at my tray to get the drink for the next guy, I saw a girl, who was just standing there with her friend, suddenly pull her hand back away from my tray. I had caught her in the act of trying to steal an MGD off my tray! Not only was she a thief, she would have thrown my entire tray off balance and the thought of that really pissed me off. She had turned around so that both she and her friend had their backs to me. I said, "Don't you EVER take anything off my tray." She acted like she couldn't hear me, although she was standing close enough to steal a beer. What the fuck was going on tonight?! So I said it again, louder. "Hey. Don' t EVER take anything off my tray!" Still just looking around, nonchalant, just checking out the scenery. I walked around so that we were face to face. "Don't you EVER take anything off my tray. EVER." She glanced at me, then glanced away.

I walked back into the pit and told the same pit boss, "I don't know what the hell is going on tonight, but that girl just tried to steal a drink off my tray and I told her she better not do it again. So if she's still here when I come back around again, maybe you can keep an eye out in case she knifes me." As I was talking about her, she and her friend both looked over at me. He said, "OK. She better not come over here and complain."

When I came back around again to take orders, those same fucking people were still gathered around their friend. I said, "Excuse me." They did not move. I said, "Excuse me," again, but louder. The pit boss was at another table, but he heard me, so he came back over and said, "People, move back!" So then they stepped back. And again, that same fat fucking girl said, "Why does she have to keep coming through here?" One of the guys said to her, "Shut up. You're gonna get kicked out." Finally, the voice of reason. Now if he had followed that with a slap upside the head, he would've been a hero.

The gangsta beer-stealing chick was nowhere to be seen.

I hadn't had a night like that in a long time, where people were just flat out assholes. Then a few more rounds and suddenly all the lowlifes disappeared. Now, that's what I call cleaning house. I love my pit bosses!


Kellie said...

Too bad you didn't "oops" your tray of drinks all over them. Jerks.

xelledeeteex said...

God, some people. Why does the whole "suit" mentality suddenly make one person's words iron, yet the same words from a "regular" means nothing?

I will never understand society's psychology.

Hawaiianmark said...

Rock On sister!

Spill 'em next time....


bigtrees said...

Cocktail Doll,

I think your comments about how taking a drink off a tray can tip the whole tray is really important and far too people don't understand it. I sure didn't until I read your page.

You see, I am a aerospace engineer by trade. I design airplanes and peform experiments on them to verify they work ok. I've taken tons of physics classes.

Did I ever think about the physics of balancing a tray full of drinks? No! I never thought about it and must have thought that they were held up by magic.

I could see myself "helping" the waitress out by taking a drink (one that I ordered) off of her tray if she was busy. (Not one that I didn't order). But I won't do it now because I know better!